Refurbished Laptops Under $400

6 Oct

There are many refurbished laptops that can be had for under $400. Brands like Chromebook, Toshiba, Asus, Dell, and many others are readily available. Thus, the purpose of this article then is to give you just a few examples. First of all, however, just what is a refurbished laptop? What does refurbished mean? In a nutshell, a refurbished laptop simply means that the laptop was, at one time, either repaired and made better from the factory or it was sold by a previous user and outfitted with the latest in new technology for the laptop. This “refurbished” laptop is then sold to customers as a newer, fully-functioning laptop. Here are just a few of the good examples on the market today:

1. Dell Inspiron 13″ Refurbished Laptop

This first example sells for a price of $349.99 and comes with a great deal of bells and whistles even though it is refurbished. Endowed with a Windows 8 64-bit programming system, this examples comes with an Intel Core Processor and a display of a generous 13 inches. This Dell also has 4 GB of Memory and a hard drive that is ample at 500 GB. The one drawback for this example is that the DVD and CD drive is not included. When shopping for a refurbished laptop, make absolutely certain to read the fine print.

2. Samsung 11.6″ Geek Squad Certified Refurbished Chromebook.

This example sells for a very reasonable $199.99. Outfitted with Google Chrome OS and a Samsung Exynos 5 Processor, this Chromebook has an 11.6 inch display and 2 GB of memory with 16 GB of Flash memory as well. Users of this Samsung Chromebook have reported that this version usually sports strong battery life and is excellent at utilizing Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and other programs.

3. HP Refurbished Elitebook Notebook

This HP Elitebook is perhaps one of the more underrated of the laptops in this list because unlike the other two it is outfitted with a DVD reader. Moreover, this example has an unheard-of 14″ display. If that were not enough, this option also is listed at $264.99.


When looking at refurbished laptops, it pays to know what you want, to evaluate your options, and to shop around. Some will like the first example while some would rather take a closer look at number two or three. Shopping around will get you the best deal on a refurbished laptop.

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