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1 Oct

InternetInternet Laptops under $300 are not hard to come by. There is a long list of mainstays that the internet consumer can use in order to find the most appropriate and best laptop for the money. Sites such as eBay, Amazon, and Fat Wallet all have various laptop deals for an under-300 price range. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to all three options. Thus, the purpose of this article is to educate the reader on finding the best laptops under $300 for them.

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As many of you already know eBay is an auction-style website where almost everything has been bought and sold, including laptops. Buying a laptop on eBay can be a hit-and-miss venture, but there are certainly laptop deals that can be had for under $300. Several catches do certainly come into play however. First of all, eBay caters to private sellers and so many of the products on eBay are used, including the laptops. Secondly, a person’s feedback rating can certainly come into play. If an individual seller on eBay has negative feedback one of the things I like to do is to check what others have said about them in the negatives. Sometimes that can be more telling of what you might be dealing with when doing business with this seller. Be very careful when buying a laptop in this manner.


Amazon sells a great deal of internet laptops as well, and they have a better system for holding individual sellers accountable. Some typical listings would include a Dell Latitude D610 Laptop at an almost unheard-of price of $244.95. This computer has a maximum of 2.0 GB storage and is able to store music and various other minor things. One drawback to cheap laptops is sometimes they cannot play high-graphics games, but they are able to do most other things. Amazon also has an Acer C710 laptop at an even-lower price in the high 220’s.

Fat Wallet is basically a website that promotes other sites such as BestBuy, Walmart, and MacMall. They have any number of listings that would fit the under $300 profile, including a Samsung Google Chromebook Series 3 at $249.00 from MacMall or a $199 model from the Dell website.


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