On the Hunt for the Best Laptops Under $400

1 Oct

laptop-huntingScouring the web for the best possible deal on a laptop under 400 dollars can be a time consuming process. There are a lot of deals out there to navigate, and finding a laptop that is specifically suited to your needs that isn’t going to let you down for such a low price can be challenging. Luckily with a bit of research and if you play your cards right you can be sure to find an excellent deal thanks to the ever decreasing price of laptops in general and the fast pace at which modern technology becomes outdated.

One of the first things to keep in mind on your hunt is screen size – 15 inch laptops are the standard with larger format displays, but notebook laptops with 10-11 inch screens have also become favorites in recent years especially among students. The portability and extended battery life of a netbook make them ideal for students and/or working class heroes on the go. There is nothing quite like being able to whip out your notebook in a free WiFi spot and get some work done in a picturesque setting while your classmates are stuck at home working on their bulky desktops. The above said, if you plan on using your laptop for a lot of media consumption and/or gaming, a 15 inch may in fact be a better choice for you after all. Resources such as the LaptopNinja sub $400 laptop review guide list some of the best current cheap laptops under $400 in both the netbook and full size categories.

The next thing to consider are hardware specs. Most cheap laptops have similar specs though you will definitely find some that have the edge over others. In general you will be looking at a dual core CPU, 2-4GB of RAM and a 320GB-500GB harddrive. Some laptops also come equipped with dedicated AMD Radeon or Nvidia graphics card – if you are a gamer then this is an absolute must. The hardware in your machine will determine what applications you can use, how fast your laptop is able to boot up, and how many applications you will be able to run simultaneously with causing your PC to slow done and become unresponsive.

In conclusion the bottom line is to put in a bit of time and effort before going out and letting your cash loose – there is nothing worse than feeling shortchanged be a recent purchase, although luckily these days most leading retailers offer excellent refund policies. Be sure to check all the details before making your final decision.

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