Buying a Laptop Under $400 Online

29 Sep

Buying a laptop at a fair price online can be a challenge but it is not an insurmountable one. For example, there are many new, used, and refurbished laptops that can be purchased for a $400 price tag. The trick is to utilize every strategy at your disposal in order to get the best deal. This article will help you find the right laptop for the right price and will also help you to tell the difference between a new laptop and a used or refurbished one. Here are some important steps to buying a new, used, or refurbished laptop online:

1. Know the difference.

The first step in buying a laptop online for someone on a $400 budget is to simply k, now the difference between the three designations.

A new laptop is simply that: a new laptop. Usually shipped directly from the factory, one computer maker that has become synonymous with new laptops is Dell. Their latest offering, the Dell Inspiron, comes with a 1.9 GHz processor. This is a decent speed for most individuals. At $399, the price is just under the 400 mark as well. Refurbished means that a laptop was different at one time and was “made new” again by being modified in some way. Used is pretty self-explanatory: the computer is secondhand.

2. Comparison shopping.

There is literally a mountain of places where an individual can buy a laptop online. People can purchase laptops on eBay, Best Buy, Amazon, and a host of other sites. That is why it is important to comparison shop for the best deal. Bear in mind also that the “best deal” does not necessarily mean the lowest price. You should keep in mind the differences from the first point in this article which leads us to point three:

3. Read the description closely.

When buying a laptop, make sure to read the description of what the unit offers. Some questions to ask yourself: How fast is the processor? How much memory does it have? Is it new, used, or refurbished? If it is used or refurbished, what kind of track record does this company have with their computers? If its being sold on eBay, what kind of feedback does the seller have? These are all questions you should ask when buying a laptop online.

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