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Buying a Laptop Under $400 Online

29 Sep

Buying a laptop at a fair price online can be a challenge but it is not an insurmountable one. For example, there are many new, used, and refurbished laptops that can be purchased for a $400 price tag. The trick is to utilize every strategy at your disposal in order to get the best deal. This article will help you find the right laptop for the right price and will also help you to tell the difference between a new laptop and a used or refurbished one. Here are some important steps to buying a new, used, or refurbished laptop online: […]

Fastest Laptops Under $400

25 Sep

fast-laptopFinding a fast laptop for under 400 dollars does not have to be a daunting process. There are many laptops available that are fairly decent on speed for an amount approaching 400 dollars. Just one caveat exists: processor speed on a laptop can be a pricey proposition. The fastest laptops are the ones that are 3 Gigahertz or more (GHz.), and they do command a considerable premium over 400 dollars at times. However, for the purpose of this article a review will be done on the laptops that offer the fastest processor speed at just under 400 dollars. […]

Finding Netbook Laptops Under $400

25 Sep

Finding netbook laptops under $400 is a great deal. A great example of a netbook laptop is the Lenovo IdeaPad S10. Thisis one of the best selling netbooks on Amazon. A netbook is a new kind of laptop computer. It is defined by its horsepower, size, price, and operating system. They are small, inexpensive, underpowered, and run an unfamiliar or old operating system.

Netbooks run either Linux or Windows XP home edition. Linux is very unfamiliar to a number of people.They do not run Vista, OS X, or XP Professional. Vista requires a lot of horse power to run, which is why it does not run well on most netbooks. The only company to offer Vista on netbook is HP. The price was so high on that particular machine, that it became a debate whether it is classified as a netbook. Windows 7 is available on netbooks. When it comes to size, netbooks have nine to ten inch screens. They weigh anywhere from two to three pounds. The keyboards are also sized very well. […]

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